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The mission of the Camden’s Charter School Network is to expand educational opportunity in Camden City through continuing the work started with Camden’s Promise, Camden Academy, Camden’s Pride and KATZ Dalsey Academy. The goal is to give all children in Camden an equal opportunity to achieve their greatest potential, to raise awareness for education through policy, to expand resources, to build leadership, and support program capacity for the City of Camden.

Donations will support our students who are pursuing their education after high school through scholarships.

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Camden's Charter School Network Donors Choose

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Donors Choose is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. Teachers from Pride, Promise, KATZ, and Academy can post classroom project requests on the Donors Choose website. Any parent or organization can give any amount to the project that most inspires them. Below are the various network schools participating.

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Your donation invests in the youth of Camden and supports programming for the students of Camden’s Charter School Network.

From sharing your professional skills, to supplies that support our STEAM curriculum, or to thousands of dollars in scholarship to support further education - your generosity is appreciated by everyone at our schools and makes and impact on students in Pre-K to 12th grade!

You can explore the different ways your donations support our students below.

Your generosity supports the following:

KATZ Scholarship to Life

Katz Kids

Pride Kids

Promise Kids