The mission of our after school program is to provide a safe, enriching, supportive environment for students of all ages to achieve their highest potential.

As a means of meeting the growing need of the families in our communities, Camden’s Charter School Network provides high-quality after-school programming free of charge. Within the past 15 years, the number of after-school programs found across the country has increased dramatically. As the popularity of programming increased, studies seeking to determine positive benefits of programming repeatedly came to the conclusion that high-quality after-school programming benefits student’s holistic development.

Academy AfterSchool Programs & Clubs


Aviation Club

Diva's by Design
Divas By Design is a virtual female mentoring group. We work to empower young ladies to recognize their self-worth and bond with other females in order to learn how to encourage each other through positive reinforcement.

Resilient Wellbeing Yoga
Yoga has many health benefits for relieving stress and helping both mental and physical health.

3D Printing
Learn CAD and use our 3D printers. This is a great introduction to engineering!

Socialize and interact with other students while paying fun strategy games.