Katz Dalsey Scholars Program


Katz Dalsey Scholars Program

The Katz Dalsey Scholars Program provides the youth of Camden with a platform to change their community. Katz Dalsey Scholars pledge to remember the vision and legacy of two key Camden activist, Mr. Lewis Katz and Ms. Marcy Dalsey. Students pledge to choose service programs of impact in their memory and reinvest in the community each year. Through this program, Camden youth become the leaders of change in the City of Camden.

Benefits of being a Katz Dalsey Scholar participant:

Legacy Partners

  • Maximize efficiency through coordinated effort and strategic direction
  • Generate Service hours and additional funds
  • Infusion of talent and resources


  • Build leadership capacity
  • Become an active change participant
  • Receive a $1000 “Scholarship to Life”


  • Help to ensure the Camden Legacy of Lewis Katz and Marcy Dalsey
  • Help to make targeted and sustainable change
  • Help today’s youth leader in Camden become tomorrow’s adult leader